Banz Baby Mini Muffs
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Protect your baby's hearing with the cutest little earmuffs, designed specifically for little heads. These Class 4 rated protective earmuffs will fit your child from newborn up to approximately two years old. Weighing only 140 grams and having wide, foam-filled soft cushioned "shells" they are light and comfortable for babies to wear. The headband is covered with soft, durable leather and they are adjustable as your child grows.

Rated as Class 4, with a NRR of 21dB. The Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR) is 26dB; Banz earmuffs comply with European, American and Australian Standards for earmuffs.

Use for any situation where your child is exposed to loud noises, such as:

  • sporting events
  • concerts
  • airshows
  • motor racing
  • on the farm
  • fireworks displays
  • boating/watersports
  • around power tools, garden machinery, lawnmowers etc...
  • vacuum cleaners and other loud household appliances
  • also great for noise-sensitive children in general situations such as daycare etc...
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